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Phytoplankton 1 Gallon bags Shipped USPS Priority

Phytoplankton 1 Gallon bags Shipped USPS Priority

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Phytoplankton Selection

Save more per gallon when you choose USPS shipping. Phytoplankton is still shipped inside an insulated shipping liner and ice packs depending on the time of year and temperatures in your area. 

Choose from Single strains that come from our 6.5 gallon carboys or our 11 Phytoblend bags. Single strains are best ordered before Monday at noon MST/MDT to be fulfilled for the week. 

Our in house blend of single phytoplankton cultures combined at peak concentrations and never diluted. This blend has everything you could ask for! Contains the following phytoplanktons:

Green phytoplanktons (Nannochloropsis oculata,Tetraselmis chui, Chlorella, Dunaliella tertiolecta)

Golden phytoplanktons (Tisochrysis lutea, Pavlova, Isochrysis galbana, Thalassiosira weissfloggii)

Red phytoplankton (Rhodomonas salina) 

Orange phytoplankton (Chaetocerors calcitrans)

Brown phytoplanktons (Pheaodactylum tricornutum)

This is an exceptional mix of phytoplanktons that will make your corals feel like they are back in the ocean. Feeding this blend will help reduce nitrates, phosphate and silicates in your water column while providing the essential building blocks most corals feed on naturally. Rhodomonas is the essential building block to add more color to your corals, a strain that you that's hard to come by. 

Customer Reviews

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I met Skyler at a reef convention in Phoenix and started getting shipments of pods and phyto. I believe Reef Legends is based in Utah and I live in Arizona. I have NOT been disappointed. Live stock is prime and authentic and the communication that he has with customers cannot be matched anywhere.


Can’t get a better blend or value anywhere online! Super dense and long shelf life. The packaging container itself is impressive and easy to dispense plus very durable. My new go to from now on. No more oceanmagik for me!!

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