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Apocyclops panamensis

Apocyclops panamensis

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Apocyclops copepods are medium size, slightly larger than tisbe and slightly smaller than Tigriopus copepods. Youll see these guys jerking in the water column, enticing smaller fish to eat. Apocyclops females will lay eggs every 4-6 days, meaning you can harvest them on a weekly basis if you're culturing them. 

These are a great source of protein for your fish, while providing nutritional benefits that are hard to provide in other feeds. Our Apocylcops are fed our 11 strain blend of phytoplankton twice a day and are shipped with live nanno in each bottle to prevent them from starving. 

Apocyclops have ferocious appetites, they will consume nuisance algae in your reef aquaria. 

Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Mann
Apex Pods

Plenty of Pods in the bottle, all arrived healthy. Will order again.

Kim Davis


Emily Kreimeyer

Apocyclops panamensis


Met Skyler at a coral show and let me say I’m
Glad I did! I was an algae barn customer before I saw his pod and rotifers mix. You get double the product for the same price and the amount of pods and rotifers in each bottle is extremely noticeable!! Great product!!!


The owner is very friendly if you have any questions you always answers or gets back to you like within an hour or so is products are wonderful and he dedicates a very large room to culturing his own pods and phytoplankton and a sterile environment with no fish or any sort of wild or any possibility of fish diseases or invertebrates housed with these pods and phytoplankton a 16 oz bottle is plenty enough to start your own culture Even though I still buy more it's almost like dipping that whole bottle in there and plus having a small culture going because the bottles are so full you just can't resist dumping the whole bottle into your tank shutting the pumps off and everything and let them settle on the rocks and substrate 10 stars

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