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Silicate fertilizer 8 ounce

Silicate fertilizer 8 ounce

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Add 10ml graduated cylinder

New water glass formula, for diatom phytoplankton strains. This is required to grow; Thalassiosira weisflogii, Chaetoceros calcitrans & Pheaodactylum tricornutum. This is a vital element thats required to be used with F/2. 

If you are buying our phytoplankton strains they have been fed and have cell density to support 2 ml of silicate per gallon of phytoplankton culture. If you are using our product on a strain that hasn't been introduced to this level, it's recommended to use half the amount as stated. 1ml per gallon on strains that have not been exposed to high silicate levels. New diatom growth will flourish as more silicate is available for them to consume throughout the 7-10 growing period. 

Add 2ml per 1 gallon of phytoplankton culture water. Do not premix with other F/2 before you're ready to use. We recommend having your culture water and phytoplankton start in the vessel before adding silicate. 

This must be used with F/2 and does not contain everything needed to grow phytoplankton this is only a silicate additive. 

Our new silicate is 18%. Each bottle contains 250ml, or 125 gallons of water volume of silicate  

This product is caustic, sds code on every bottle and wash off immediately if this comes in contact with skin, eye call poison control if swallowed. 

If you'd like a larger size please text or email use. We can offer silicate water glass in 16 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. 

Decrease use if leftover silicate is found at bottom of the container, do not use phytoplankton with leftover silicate in the bottle. Removal of silicate chunks are required before feeding phytoplankton to your reef aquarium.

We are not responsible for any additional silicate added to your aquarium from improper use of this additive. 

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Lawrence Mann
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Thal cultures maintain their brown color with this additive

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