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Rhodomonas salina

Rhodomonas salina

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Rhodomonas Salina is recommend to fed within 10 days of arrival, to achieve best results. This strain is packed with fatty acids enriching everything that consumes the cells. 

Once you receive your bottle, store in fridge, away from light source. Invert or shake bottle daily to keep cells suspended in culture, settling will happen faster each day. Rhodomonas salina will start to change from a red to a yellow or green color after 7-10 days in the fridge. 

Rhodomonas salina is our favorite phytoplankton strain, maybe its because we love looking at the red color the first few days or it may be the color enhancement you'll notice after feeding this strain to your reef, pods, rotifers or all combined. This strain has more benefits when used within 10 days of arrival, you cannot over feed this strain once your system is used to being fed on a daily basis. 

Rhodomonas salina is an important strain of phytoplankton for the pigments the strain contains including phycoerythrin which is known to intensify the color of corals and fish when fed to rotifers, brine shrimp and pods.  

Rhodomonas is a genus of fast-growing, mostly marine, cryptophyte microalga. The most apparent features of Rhodomonas are its red color (caused by the antenna pigment phycoerythrin 545), and the presence of a proteinaceous periplast in place of a cell wall (Kugrens et al. 1999). Rhodomonas salina is particularly popular in the aquaculture sector because it contains protein levels of up to 60%, is easily digestible, and contains both EPA and DHA in considerable quantities (Seixas et al. 2009; Thoisen et al. 2018). These qualities make it an ideal feed organism which is produced on the small scale in hatcheries for the rearing of rotifers, copepods, brine shrimp, and scallops (Knuckey et al. 2005; Seixas et al. 2009).  (Springer link) 

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