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Ocean delight mix with Phytoplankton blend

Ocean delight mix with Phytoplankton blend

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Refuel your reef aquarium with our Ocean mix, includes Apocyclops panamensis, Tisbe bimiensis and tigriopus californicus pods mixed live brine shrimp and our rotifers. Feed your reef everything it needs to thrive in one bottle.

Do no refrigerate ocean delight bottle, please use within a week and keep at room temp and feed live phyto each day if not using all at once. 

Now comes with newly hatch baby brine, this product is intended to be used same day and not for storage. You can store product at room temp for 3-6 days by feeding phytoplankton each day to the bottle and leaving the cap off. Feed 1/3 of the bottle and refill with phytoplankton. 

Our Phytoblend will last 1 month in the fridge when stored properly. 

Our in house blend of single phytoplankton cultures combined at peak concentrations and never diluted. This blend has everything you could ask for! Contains the following phytoplanktons:

Green phytoplanktons (Nannochloropsis oculata,Tetraselmis chui, Chlorella, Dunaliella tertiolecta)

Golden phytoplanktons (Tisochrysis lutea, Pavlova, Isochrysis galbana)

Red phytoplankton (Rhodomonas salina, Porphyridium cruentum)

Orange phytoplankton (Chaetocerors calcitrans)

Brown phytoplanktons (Pheaodactylum tricornutum)

Yellow/Brown phytoplankton Thalassiosira weissfloggii. 

This is an exceptional mix of phytoplanktons that will make your corals feel like they are back in the ocean. Feeding this blend will help reduce nitrates, phosphate and silicates in your water column while providing the essential building blocks most corals feed on naturally. Rhodomonas is the essential building block to add more color to your corals, a strain that you that's hard to come by. Refrigeration required on both bottles. Rotifers last 3 weeks refrigerated. Phytoplankton lasts 1 month  refrigerated. 

Get the most live rotifers from us. Our live rotifers are never diluted down, we harvest daily, your order will be harvested and packed the same day. Rotifers are a great way to get an ideal feeding response without adding nitrate or phosphates to your water column. Our rotifers are packed with clean sterilized instant ocean water. We do recommend feeding our roti rich or live phytoplankton mix to keep your rotifer culture nutrient rich for your corals and newly hatch fish. 

The best way to check the density on the bottle you receive is by shining a light into the bottle to see the rotifers. They are hard to see in the bottle without shining a light. 

You won't be able to overdose rotifers inside your reef aquarium. They will get consumed quickly and you'll notice an increase in mysid shrimp populations with regular feedings. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Don’t bother looking elsewhere. You won’t be disappointed here! RL is legit!

Vincent Corak
Ocean Delight and Phyto Combo

I didn't realize my fish were such stone cold killers! They absolutely loved the ocean delight as well as my corals. Highly recommended!


Always amazing and works like a charm

Alphe Wells
Ocean Delight Mix!

Absolutely Amazing product! Corals and livestock love it!

Pods, phyto and rotifers

Reef Legends send me great products and even threw in a freebie. 10/10 recommend.

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