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Reef Legends

Tigriopus californicus

Tigriopus californicus

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One of the most common copepod for sale, these large red pods from the west coast shore are easy to see. We send all sizes in each bottle, they are easy to culture and we recommend setting up a 1 gallon jar to culture your own supply. 

Tigriopus californicus will take 3-4 weeks before you start noticing a dramatic increase in population. If you are going to grow them we recommend waiting 5-6 weeks after receiving them and feeding them regularly before your first harvest, by this time your Tigriopus population should be doubled to tripled then harvesting every 2 weeks after that. 

Tigriopus californicus are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids making them ideal for picky eaters such as butterflies or mandarin gobys. These pods are known for their jerking motion that encourages fish to feed upon them. Females will lay hundreds of eggs during their lifecycle, if you use your phone to zoom in or a microscope you'll see females carrying eggs. 


Customer Reviews

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Britney Schofield
Top quality copepods!

Always top quality live food, my seahorses love to hunt for them. Reef legends is my go to for copepods and phyto

Nathan Richardson

Very pleasant experience from the communication to the ordering, to the products in hand, five star service at its best. Additionally, some of the most generous bottles of pods I have ever seen, to say that they were stacked would be kind of an understatement. Definitely give them a shot and order today!!!!

Second Generation Is Flourishing

The original adults were healthy apparently since there are now many more next generation animals which consume algae voraciously.

Matt M
Reef legends has great prices and great shipping

Quality actually aquacultured... meaning grown in and bred in sterile environment not with fish or other inverts.... you get more then you pay for .. other places send you a container with little tiny specks of dust that move around reflection send you a bottle that has 10 times the amount and you can actually see them without having to hold them up to the window quick response time if you need to contact them for any reason the answer the phone and we'll make sure that you know exactly what you're getting and to make sure that you're getting exactly what you want and what you need sometimes there's a difference this is my second time ordering and not my last I just happen to fall upon this side by googling copapods because I got sick of algae burn I mean barn. Lol .. thank you Reef legends!!

Matt Buffalo NY

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