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PNS Yellowsno

PNS Yellowsno

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Instock ships direct from us, combine with Phytoplankton, Copepods & Rotifers to get Free 2 day UPS shipping. Can arrive at room temperature, this item gets packed with an insulated liner and ice pack. 


Natural, nutrient-dense marine snow replacement

  • Food for corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates
  • Simulated marine snow made with natural chitin base
  • Photofermented with live purple non-sulfur bacteria
  • Rich in minerals, trace elements, polysaccharides, and vitamins
  • Excellent source of vitamin B12
  • Flash pasteurized at peak fermentation (not a live product)
  • Can also be used to gutload live foods


PNS YelloSno is photofermented with live Rhodopseudomonas palustris bacteria, which is found naturally in marine habitats, marine snow, and inside the guts of wild corals. This purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB) is extremely nutritious, highly-digestible coral food with a crude protein content of 72-74% and high levels of beneficial stearic and oleic fatty acids. The growth medium for the R. palustris bacteria in YelloSno is a natural source of chitin, which is rich in minerals, trace elements, polysaccharides, and B vitamins such as B12. 


YelloSno can also be used to gutload live zooplankton foods to increase the nutritional profiles of adult brine shrimp, amphipods, daphnia, and more. 


Instructions for Use

Dose: Use 1mL of YelloSno per 1 gallon of system water weekly to start. Depending on system needs, dose can be increased slowly up to 1 mL/gallon daily, if desired, until desired results are achieved. 

For best results:

  • Use just after lights-out
  • Remove mechanical filter media
  • Turn off protein skimmer
  • Shake bottle lightly before use
  • Refrigerate when not in use



Organic growth medium, 100% organic substrate and heat deactivated purple non-sulfur bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas palustris)

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