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Rhodomonas salina for culturing

Rhodomonas salina for culturing

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Rhodomonas salina & Rhodomonas lens require overnight shipping and to have the culture running the day of arrival to get our 3 day guarantee.  We recommend using Fritz F/2 two part to culture this strain. 

Rhodomonas salina is our favorite phytoplankton strain, maybe its because we love looking at the red color the first few days or it may be the color enhancement you'll notice after feeding this strain to your reef, pods, rotifers or all combined. 

Rhodomonas salina is an important strain of phytoplankton for the pigments the strain contains including phycoerythrin which is known to intensify the color of corals and fish when fed to rotifers, brine shrimp and pods. 

We recommend a 6k light with blue and red spectrum lighting as supplemental. When Rhodomonas salina is not given proper nitrogen or in an environment that causes stress to the strain, this culture will change to a green phytoplankton at a rapid change. We have noticed this ourselves, we have had strains go from red to green within 48 hours. While the strain is still Rhodomonas salina, the green version of this strain is full of carbohydrates and isn't what we are looking for to enhance colors with phycoerythrin. Once Rhodomonas salina goes green it is extremely hard to get back to a red strain. We recommend keeping a bottle or two of this strain inside the fridge incase something happens. For best results we recommend growing 2-3 cultures. 

Customer Reviews

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Vuong Dinh
Great seller

Always communicate till the transaction is done and more . Much appreciate the knowledge

M. T
Rhodomonas Salina

Culture crash almost immediately. Replacement was sent and customer service was amazing.

Hopefully the replacment arrived without an issue!

Brad Keenan

I’m on the 3rd generation from the Rhodomonas Salina culture from Reef Legends. I would not hesitate to buy again!

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