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Fritz F/2 Algae Fertilizer

Fritz F/2 Algae Fertilizer

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Fritz F/2 Algae food two part.

For intensive algae culture in fresh or marine water. 

Vitamin and mineral content ratios equal

Professional research concentration

Complete algae growth media

Shake well before using, our recommended dosing for concentrated phytoplankton cultures is 2ml of each part per 1 gallon of phytoplankton culture. Do not mix parts together as this will cause cloudy cultures, only add both parts once you're ready, add each measurement at different times to the culture. 

This product does not contain silicate, a required nutrient for diatom phytoplankton cultures, please add our silicate mix separately. 

8 ounce bottles are filled from 5 gallon buckets that we purchase.*

8 ounce bottles do approximately 125 gallons of culture media.

16 ounce bottles do approximately 250 gallons of culture media.

32 ounce bottles or gallons available upon request.  

Approximately value is based on our recommendation of fertilizer per gallon. Fritz recommendation is 1 ml per 1 gallon. 


*8 ounce bottles now come with batch number and expiration date on them as of 3/4/24.

Customer Reviews

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Garrett Stone
Good results

I spoke to Skyler about a good beginner's phyto. He recommended chlorella and tetra strains fed with Fritz 2 part. I'd gone with two different strains and f2 from another supplier previously and didn't fare too well. So far, I've done two harvests using the Fritz 2-part and am currently growing out my third harvest. Very good results!

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