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Professor Polyp Bubble Bath Coral Dip

Professor Polyp Bubble Bath Coral Dip

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The very FIRST coral dip to kill BOTH plant and animal pests while still being gentle on coral. One minute will kill...

Animal Pests 

• Flatworms

• Nudibranchs

• Bristleworms

• Red Bugs

• Asterina Stars

• Spaghetti Worms

• Isopods

• Pyramid Snails

• And MORE!

Plant Pests

• Bryopsis

• Bubble Algae

• Green Hair Algae

• Turf Algae

• Dinoflagellates

• Cyanobacteria

• Unwanted Macroalgae

• And MORE!

Directions: Use only as directed. Using more or less than directed could cause harm to your livestock. SHAKE WELL!

Ratio: 1:5. Use 1 part dip to 5 parts full-strength saltwater (1.026 sg). This will give you a 16.67% dip solution.

Time: 1 minute. Dip your corals for one minute. Less time may not be effective at killing pests. More time may harm your coral.

Tips: • Allow corals to close or retract before putting them in the dip. This will help protect them from damage.

• Bubbles are good! Bubbles will form on the coral throughout the dip. “The bubbles mean it’s working!”

• Agitate the coral or dip solution. This helps ensure the dip gets to every part of the coral and that all pests are effectively killed.

• Animal pests will be fully removed immediately, and algae pests will disintegrate the next few days following the dip.

More info

This hydrogen peroxide based coral dip has been enhanced with natural ingredients like limonene to make it highly effective against all plant and animal based pests common in reef aquariums.

Professor Polyp, AKA Nick Cook, has a Marine Biology degree and over 16 years experience with saltwater aquariums. He has been using hydrogren peroxide based coral dips for years on all types of corals and anemones including SPS, LPS, Softies, Mushrooms, Bubble Tip Anemones, Rock Flower Anemones, and more. IT WORKS GREAT ON ACROS!

He loves how effective it is at eradicating pests while being more gentle on coral than pesticides or iodine based dips. What’s more, this dip will also kill all types of algae without harming corals or anemones. It’s even effective against bubble algae and bryopsis.Do yourself (& your corals) a favor a switch to the fastest, most effective coral dip on the market, Professor Polyp’s Bubble Bath Coral Dip.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.


Professor Polyp Bubble Bath Dip when diluted makes the following ratios:

16-ounce makes ¾ of a gallon dip volume

32-ounce bottle makes 1.5 gallons of dipping solution

1 gallon makes 6 gallons.

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